As the first and leading DMC in Russia we are able to provide you with the next step – customized “greener” approach to your event. Upon request We provide environmental research and cost-effective eco-solutions for each of our destinations reducing the pollution and saving your costs and time. Ask us about our:

  • In-house environmental experts
  • Constant research on new “greener” resources in our destinations
  • Alternative activities; “Day without CO2” programs
  • Report on the “greener” solutions in hotels, restaurants, venues and transportation
  • Compensation and carbon offset programs
  • Suppliers and employees education on sustainable approach
  • Giving. Donation and social support programs. We help you to invest in somebody who really needs it
  • Community involvement and our commitment to make a positive impact on the community
  • Material Management programs – in office and at events
  • 7 major types of post-event materials can be recycled in Russia with Baltic Travel Company D.S.R.
  • CSR projects
  • Diversion and carbon reduction reports
  • Post – Event Reduced Carbon certificate

Our partners:
Non-profit ecological society Musora.Bolshe.Net ("no more waste")
WFI Russia
The first eco-fashion